Episode 9 – StackOverflow and Their Negativity

I have had numerous experiences of absolute rudeness and negativity here. I don’t understand why no one can treat those new to coding with the same respect that they received when they learned different things. TWO times now, I have been banned for “not being helpful enough” or “not benefiting the future of StackOverflow.

Episode 8 – T-Mobile Starting a New Trend??

T-Mobile launched a new service for its customers. It’s aimed at helping customers get answers to questions faster and more conveniently.  
Sources: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/introducing-tex

Episode 5 – Apple Podcasts Issues

I decided to make a quick podcast about the issues I am running in to, as well as others, when trying to add or update a podcast on Apple Podcasts. Hopefully, this problem gets resolved soon, as it is hurting those of us who are constantly putting time and effort into our podcasts.

Episode 3 – Week of August 6th Weekly News Rundown

A look at this week’s latest tech news, including a security flaw with Comcast and some of Snapchat’s source code being leaked.  

News Sources:

Episode 2 – Samsung’s “Unpacked” Event

Today, I discussed Samsung’s Unpacked event, while also roasting a couple of their new releases since they cannot even compete with Apple or because of the crazy design.